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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 CAGLAB0343 XP_445318.1 unnamed protein product Candida glabrata Details
2 NADAIR1397 XP_003670053.1 hypothetical protein NDAI_0D04970 Naumovozyma dairenensis CBS 421 Details
3 SACERE0481 NP_013057.1 Plasma membrane glycerol channel, member of the major intrinsic protein (MIP) family of channel proteins; involved in efflux of glycerol and in uptake of the trivalent metalloids arsenite and antimonite; Fps1p Saccharomyces cerevisiae Details
4 SACERE1325 EEU06572.1 Fps1p Saccharomyces cerevisiae JAY291 Details
5 SACERE1345 EGA77792.1 Fps1p Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vin13 Details
6 SACERE1318 EDN59506.1 glycerol channel Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789 Details

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