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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 ANGAMB0294 XP_319585.4 AGAP008843-PA Anopheles gambiae PESTDetails
2 APMELL0303 XP_624531.1 PREDICTED: similar to Drip CG9023-PB, isoform B Apis mellifera Details
3 CIVIRI0551 AQP_CICVR Aquaporin AQPcic Cicadella viridis Details
4 ORANAT0455 XP_001505227.1 PREDICTED: similar to aquaporin Ornithorhynchus anatinus Details
5 PYRUFA0736 Q95V87 Aquaporin Pyrocoelia rufa Details
6 RHETLI0697 Q8KKR9 Probable water channel protein Rhizobium etli Details
7 TECLAV1502 JF491353 Terfezia claveryi Details

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