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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 DARERI0358 NP_001003534.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber 1 Danio rerio Details
2 DARERI0359 NP_001018356.1 mip2 protein Danio rerio Details
3 DARERI0360 XP_687705.2 PREDICTED: similar to aquaporin 1 Danio rerio Details
4 DARERI0361 NP_001003749.1 hypothetical protein LOC445293 Danio rerio Details
5 DARERI0362 NP_996942.1 hypothetical protein LOC335821 Danio rerio Details
6 DARERI0363 NP_001004661.1 aquaporin 8 Danio rerio Details
7 DARERI0364 XP_683241.2 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein Danio rerio Details
8 DARERI0365 XP_698730.1 PREDICTED: similar to aquaglyceroporin Danio rerio Details
9 DARERI0366 XP_702168.1 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein Danio rerio Details
10 DARERI0367 NP_998633.1 aquaporin 3 Danio rerio Details

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