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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 CESUBV1433 EMD39794.1 hypothetical protein CERSUDRAFT_92283 Ceriporiopsis subvermispora B Details
2 CESUBV1437 EMD36601.1 hypothetical protein CERSUDRAFT_124356 Ceriporiopsis subvermispora B Details
3 FIRADI1432 CCM00974.1 predicted protein Fibroporia radiculosa Details
4 FOMEDI1434 EJD06583.1 aquaporin-like protein Fomitiporia mediterranea MF3/22 Details
5 LABICO0950 EDR03473.1 Predicted protein Laccaria bicolor Details
6 LABICO1438 AFJ15556.1 putative aquaporin 2 Laccaria bicolor Details
7 LABICO1505 JQ585592 Laccaria bicolor Details
8 LABICO1513 Laccaria bicolor Details
9 MELARI1355 EGF99782.1 hypothetical protein MELLADRAFT_79395 Melampsora larici-populina 98AG31 Details
10 POPLAC1527 Postia placenta Details

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