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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 ARTHAL0002 CAA16748 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP1-2 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
2 ARTHAL0001 CAA16760 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP1-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
3 ARTHAL0590 NI11_ARATH Aquaporin NIP1-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
4 EDAEDI1466 EJW02813.1 hypothetical protein EDEG_02798 Edhazardia aedis USNM 41457 Details
5 ENCUNI1470 AGE95845.1 aquaporin-like protein Encephalitozoon cuniculi Details
6 ENCUNI0391 NP_586002.1 AQUAPORIN-LIKE PROTEIN Encephalitozoon cuniculis GB-M1Details
7 ENHELL1460 Q1M1A0.1 AQP_ENCHE RecName: Full=Aquaporin Encephalitozoon hellem Details
8 ENHELL1419 XP_003887579.1 aquaporin Encephalitozoon hellem ATCC 50504 Details
9 ENINTE1462 XP_003073192.1 aquaporin-like protein Encephalitozoon intestinalis ATCC 50506 Details
10 ENROMA1465 AFN83320.1 aquaporin-like protein Encephalitozoon romaleae SJ-2008 Details

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