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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 ARTHAL0002 CAA16748 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP1-2 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
2 ARTHAL0003 AAC26712 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP2-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
3 ARTHAL0005 BAB10360 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP4-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
4 ARTHAL0006 BAB10361 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP4-2 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
5 ARTHAL0001 CAA16760 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : AtNIP1-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
6 ARTHAL0590 NI11_ARATH Aquaporin NIP1-1 Arabidopsis thaliana Details
7 HOVULG1058 Barley Details
8 HOVULG1057 Barley Details
9 BRDIST1241 Brachypodium distachyon Details
10 BRDIST1233 Brachypodium distachyon Details
11 GLMAXx0593 NO26_SOYBN Nodulin-26 Glycine max Details
12 METRUN0718 Q8W4T7 Multifunctional aquaporin Medicago truncatula Details
13 NIALAT0592 NIP1_NICAL Probable aquaporin NIP-type Nicotiana alata Details
14 ORSATI0223 BAD27715 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : OsNIP1-1 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
15 ORSATI0224 BAD73177 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : OsNIP1-2 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
16 ORSATI0225 AAV44140 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : OsNIP1-3 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
17 ORSATI0226 BAD53665 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : OsNIP1-4 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
18 ORSATI0227 EEE54068 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : OsNIP1-5 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
19 PHTRIC0991 XP_002179009.1 Predicted protein Phaeodactylum tricornutum Details
20 PHTRIC0995 XP_002180756.1 Predicted protein Phaeodactylum tricornutum Details
21 PITAED0734 Q940D9 Early embryogenesis aquaglyceroporin Pinus taeda Details
22 PISATI0803 Q9XGG7 Nodulin26-like major intrinsic protein Pisum sativum Details
23 POTRIC0497 566501 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
24 POTRIC0495 197507 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
25 POTRIC0498 756079 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
26 POTRIC0496 235172 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
27 SEITAL1265 Setaria italica Details
28 SEITAL1276 Setaria italica Details
29 SOBICO1185 Sorghum bicolor Details
30 SOBICO1193 Sorghum bicolor Details
31 SOBICO1206 Sorghum bicolor Details
32 SOLYCO1083 Tomato Details
33 SOLYCO1084 Tomato Details
34 SOLYCO1087 Tomato Details
35 SOLYCO1108 Tomato Details
36 TRAEST1117 Wheat Details
37 ZEMAYS0262 AAK26750 Nod-26 like Intrinsic Protein : ZmNIP1-1 Zea mays Details

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