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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
51 PATROG0460 XP_512074.2 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 3 Pan troglodytes Details
52 PEMARN0929 EEA19904.1 Aquaporin Penicillium marneffei Details
53 PHVULG0597 O04409 Putative aquaporin-1 Phaseolus vulgaris Details
54 PIANGU1031 EFW97670.1 putativeAquaporin water channel protein Pichia angusta Details
55 PIPAST0886 XP_002492992.1 Spore-specific water channel that mediates the transport of water across cell membranes Pichia pastoris Details
56 PISTIP0883 XP_001383665.1 Aquaporin Pichia stipitis Details
57 PISTIP0468 XP_001383665.1 aquaporin Pichia stipitis CBS 6054Details
58 RAPIPI0589 MIP_RANPI Lens fiber major intrinsic protein Rana pipiens Details
59 RANORV0494 NP_001099189.1 major intrinsic protein of eye lens fiber Rattus norvegicus Details
60 RANORV0472 NP_036957.1 aquaporin 4 Rattus norvegicus Details

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