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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
41 LOELON0951 EDK41829.1 Hypothetical protein Lodderomyces elongisporus Details
42 MAMULA0432 XP_001097418.1 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 5 Macaca mulatta Details
43 MAMULA0431 XP_001097311.1 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 4 Macaca mulatta Details
44 MAMULA0428 XP_001115118.1 PREDICTED: major intrinsic protein of lens fiber Macaca mulatta Details
45 MAGRIS0869 EDJ99173.1 Hypothetical protein Magnaporthe grisea Details
46 MAORYZ1408 XP_003719970.1 aquaporin Magnaporthe oryzae 70-15 Details
47 MIFARI1429 XP_004205422.1 Piso0_003668 Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 Details
48 MODOME0439 XP_001363585.1 PREDICTED: similar to aquaporin Monodelphis domestica Details
49 MUMUSC0493 NP_033830.2 aquaporin 4 Mus musculus Details
50 OVARIE0667 Q866S4 Aquaporin 4A Ovis aries Details

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