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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
31 ERCYMB1394 XP_003645093.1 hypothetical protein Ecym_2557 Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215 Details
32 FUHETE0786 Q9PUE2 Lens major intrinsic protein Fundulus heteroclitus Details
33 GAGALL0393 NP_001004765.1 aquaporin 4 Gallus gallus Details
34 GAGALL0703 Q8QFW8 Lens fiber major intrinsic protein Gallus gallus Details
35 HAIRRI0552 AQP_HAEIE Aquaporin Water channel 1 BfWC1 Haematobia irritans exigua Details
36 HOSAPI0399 NP_036196.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber Homo sapiens Details
37 HOSAPI0404 NP_001641.1 aquaporin 4 isoform a Homo sapiens Details
38 HOSAPI0403 NP_004019.1 aquaporin 4 isoform b Homo sapiens Details
39 KLLACT1330 XP_451974.2 hypothetical protein Kluyveromyces lactis NRRL Y-1140 Details
40 LEMACU1024 CBX92054.1 similar toAquaporin Leptosphaeria maculans Details

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