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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
11 CAALBI0882 EAK96766.1 potentialAquaporin water channel protein Candida albicans Details
12 CAALBI0339 EAK96766.1 potential aquaporin water channel protein Candida albicans SC5314Details
13 CADUBL1324 XP_002421855.1 aquaporin water channel, putative Candida dubliniensis CD36 Details
14 CAORTH1430 XP_003865862.1 Aqy1 aquaporin water channel Candida orthopsilosis Co 90-125 Details
15 CATENU1383 EGV65475.1 hypothetical protein CANTEDRAFT_112990 Candida tenuis ATCC 10573 Details
16 CAFAMI0489 A2IBY8.1 MIP_CANFA Lens fiber major intrinsic protein (Aquaporin-0) Canis familiaris Details
17 CAFAMI0347 XP_855456.1 PREDICTED: similar to Aquaporin 4 (WCH4) (Mercurial-insensitive water channel) (MIWC) Canis familiaris Details
18 COHETE1488 Cochliobolus heterostrophus Details
19 COCOTU0709 Q8UVB8 Aquaporin-4 Coturnix coturnix Details
20 DARERI0358 NP_001003534.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber 1 Danio rerio Details

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