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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
1 AEAEGY0550 AQP_AEDAE Aquaporin AQPAe.a Aedes aegypti Details
2 ANGAMB0293 XP_319584.4 AGAP008842-PA Anopheles gambiae PESTDetails
3 APMELL0302 XP_394391.1 PREDICTED: similar to CG7777-PA, isoform A Apis mellifera Details
4 ASGOSS0304 NP_986401.1 AGL266Cp Ashbya gossypii ATCC10895Details
5 ASGOSS1551 NP_986401.2 AGL266Cp Ashbya gossypii ATCC 10895 Details
6 BOTAUR0312 NP_776362.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber Bos taurus Details
7 BOTAUR0315 NP_851346.1 aquaporin 4 Bos taurus Details
8 BOFUCK0952 EDN20800.1 Hypothetical protein Botryotinia fuckeliana Details
9 BOFUCK0923 EDN26017.1 Hypothetical protein Botryotinia fuckeliana Details
10 BOFUCK1552 CCD42965.1 hypothetical protein BofuT4_P070410.1 Botryotinia fuckeliana T4 Details
11 CAALBI0882 EAK96766.1 potentialAquaporin water channel protein Candida albicans Details
12 CAALBI0339 EAK96766.1 potential aquaporin water channel protein Candida albicans SC5314Details
13 CADUBL1324 XP_002421855.1 aquaporin water channel, putative Candida dubliniensis CD36 Details
14 CAORTH1430 XP_003865862.1 Aqy1 aquaporin water channel Candida orthopsilosis Co 90-125 Details
15 CATENU1383 EGV65475.1 hypothetical protein CANTEDRAFT_112990 Candida tenuis ATCC 10573 Details
16 CAFAMI0489 A2IBY8.1 MIP_CANFA Lens fiber major intrinsic protein (Aquaporin-0) Canis familiaris Details
17 CAFAMI0347 XP_855456.1 PREDICTED: similar to Aquaporin 4 (WCH4) (Mercurial-insensitive water channel) (MIWC) Canis familiaris Details
18 COHETE1488 Cochliobolus heterostrophus Details
19 COCOTU0709 Q8UVB8 Aquaporin-4 Coturnix coturnix Details
20 DARERI0358 NP_001003534.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber 1 Danio rerio Details
21 DARERI0359 NP_001018356.1 mip2 protein Danio rerio Details
22 DARERI0361 NP_001003749.1 hypothetical protein LOC445293 Danio rerio Details
23 DEHANS0888 XP_461517.2 DEHA2F27104p Debaryomyces hansenii Details
24 DEHANS0374 XP_461517.1 hypothetical protein DEHA0F28787g Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767Details
25 DEHANS1328 XP_461517.2 DEHA2F27104p Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767 Details
26 DIMERR0556 AQP4_DIPME Aquaporin-4 Dipodomys merriami Details
27 DRMELA0380 NP_523697.1 Drip CG9023-PB, isoform B Drosophila melanogaster Details
28 DRMELA0381 NP_610686.1 CG7777-PB, isoform B Drosophila melanogaster Details
29 DRMELA0382 NP_725052.1 CG7777-PA, isoform A Drosophila melanogaster Details
30 DRPSEU0388 XP_001360548.1 GA20580-PA Drosophila pseudoobscura Details
31 ERCYMB1394 XP_003645093.1 hypothetical protein Ecym_2557 Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215 Details
32 FUHETE0786 Q9PUE2 Lens major intrinsic protein Fundulus heteroclitus Details
33 GAGALL0393 NP_001004765.1 aquaporin 4 Gallus gallus Details
34 GAGALL0703 Q8QFW8 Lens fiber major intrinsic protein Gallus gallus Details
35 HAIRRI0552 AQP_HAEIE Aquaporin Water channel 1 BfWC1 Haematobia irritans exigua Details
36 HOSAPI0399 NP_036196.1 major intrinsic protein of lens fiber Homo sapiens Details
37 HOSAPI0404 NP_001641.1 aquaporin 4 isoform a Homo sapiens Details
38 HOSAPI0403 NP_004019.1 aquaporin 4 isoform b Homo sapiens Details
39 KLLACT1330 XP_451974.2 hypothetical protein Kluyveromyces lactis NRRL Y-1140 Details
40 LEMACU1024 CBX92054.1 similar toAquaporin Leptosphaeria maculans Details
41 LOELON0951 EDK41829.1 Hypothetical protein Lodderomyces elongisporus Details
42 MAMULA0432 XP_001097418.1 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 5 Macaca mulatta Details
43 MAMULA0431 XP_001097311.1 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 4 Macaca mulatta Details
44 MAMULA0428 XP_001115118.1 PREDICTED: major intrinsic protein of lens fiber Macaca mulatta Details
45 MAGRIS0869 EDJ99173.1 Hypothetical protein Magnaporthe grisea Details
46 MAORYZ1408 XP_003719970.1 aquaporin Magnaporthe oryzae 70-15 Details
47 MIFARI1429 XP_004205422.1 Piso0_003668 Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 Details
48 MODOME0439 XP_001363585.1 PREDICTED: similar to aquaporin Monodelphis domestica Details
49 MUMUSC0493 NP_033830.2 aquaporin 4 Mus musculus Details
50 OVARIE0667 Q866S4 Aquaporin 4A Ovis aries Details
51 PATROG0460 XP_512074.2 PREDICTED: aquaporin 4 isoform 3 Pan troglodytes Details
52 PEMARN0929 EEA19904.1 Aquaporin Penicillium marneffei Details
53 PHVULG0597 O04409 Putative aquaporin-1 Phaseolus vulgaris Details
54 PIANGU1031 EFW97670.1 putativeAquaporin water channel protein Pichia angusta Details
55 PIPAST0886 XP_002492992.1 Spore-specific water channel that mediates the transport of water across cell membranes Pichia pastoris Details
56 PISTIP0883 XP_001383665.1 Aquaporin Pichia stipitis Details
57 PISTIP0468 XP_001383665.1 aquaporin Pichia stipitis CBS 6054Details
58 RAPIPI0589 MIP_RANPI Lens fiber major intrinsic protein Rana pipiens Details
59 RANORV0494 NP_001099189.1 major intrinsic protein of eye lens fiber Rattus norvegicus Details
60 RANORV0472 NP_036957.1 aquaporin 4 Rattus norvegicus Details
61 SCSCLE0934 EDO00223.1 Hypothetical protein Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Details
62 SCSCLE0954 EDN97530.1 Hypothetical protein Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Details
63 SOMACR0941 CBI58704.1 unnamed protein product Sordaria macrospora Details
64 SPPASS1384 EGW34382.1 hypothetical protein SPAPADRAFT_59805 Spathaspora passalidarum NRRL Y-27907 Details
65 TRVERS1533 Trametes versicolor Details
66 WIANOM1541 Wickerhamomyces anomalus Details
67 YALIPO0874 XP_504854.1 YALI0F01210p Yarrowia lipolytica Details
68 YALIPO0483 XP_504854.1 hypothetical protein Yarrowia lipolytica Details

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