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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
21 PHINFE0983 EEY58433.1 Aquaporin Phytophthora infestans Details
22 POTRIC0522 665418 Small-basic Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
23 POTRIC0521 729942 Small-basic Intrinsic Protein Populus trichocarpa Details
24 SOTUBE1066 Potato Details
25 PYTRIT0947 EDU46910.1 Aquaporin-5 Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Details
26 SEITAL1301 Setaria italica Details
27 SEITAL1278 Setaria italica Details
28 SOBICO1196 Sorghum bicolor Details
29 SOBICO1207 Sorghum bicolor Details
30 TASTIP0965 ABAS01000013 Predicted XIP Talaromyces stipitatus Details

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