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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
11 DARERI0368 XP_696273.1 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein Danio rerio Details
12 GLGRAM1017 EFQ30640.1 MIP family channel protein Glomerella graminicola Details
13 HOSAPI0411 NP_945349.1 aquaporin 12A Homo sapiens Details
14 MUMUSC0454 NP_808255.1 aquaporin 12 Mus musculus Details
15 NEFISC0899 EAW17077.1 MIP transporter Neosartorya fischeri Details
16 ORSATI0249 BAB32914 Small and Basic Intrinsic Protein : OsSIP1-1 Oryza sativa subsp. japonicaDetails
17 PEMARN0960 ABAR01000036 Predicted XIP Penicillium marneffei Details
18 PHPATE0836 200882 Small-basic Intrinsic Protein Physcomitrella patens Details
19 PHPATE0835 112053 Small-basic Intrinsic Protein Physcomitrella patens Details
20 PHINFE0980 EEY58434.1 Aquaporin Phytophthora infestans Details

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