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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
21 PLFALC0992 XP_001348009.1 Aquaglyceroporin Plasmodium falciparum Details
22 PLKNOW0990 XP_002259334.1 Aquaglyceroporin Plasmodium knowlesi strain H Details
23 PLVIVA0989 XP_001615442.1 Aquaglyceroporin Plasmodium vivax SaI Details
24 PLYOEL0985 EAA18077.1 Aquaglyceroporin Plasmodium yoelii yoelii Details
25 RANORV0475 NP_062030.2 aquaporin 7 Rattus norvegicus Details
26 SCSCLE0896 EDO00948.1 Hypothetical protein Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Details
27 TRREES0961 AAIL01000183 Predicted XIP Trichoderma reesei Details
28 TRVIRE1534 Trichoderma virens Details
29 TRBRUC0986 XP_827897.1 Aquaporin 9 Trypanosoma brucei Details

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