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  S.No Identifier Accession Annotation Organism  
11 CAFAMI0351 XP_531973.2 PREDICTED: similar to Aquaporin-7 (AQP-7) (Aquaporin-7-like) (Aquaporin adipose) (AQPap) Canis familiaris Details
12 GAGALL0395 XP_424498.1 PREDICTED: similar to MGC107875 protein Gallus gallus Details
13 HOSAPI0407 NP_001161.1 aquaporin 7 Homo sapiens Details
14 HOSAPI0722 Q8WX69 BA251O17.3 Similar to aquaporin 7 Homo sapiens Details
15 MAMULA0435 XP_001100020.1 PREDICTED: aquaporin 7 isoform 4 Macaca mulatta Details
16 MELARI1357 EGG05742.1 hypothetical protein MELLADRAFT_26257 Melampsora larici-populina 98AG31 Details
17 MUMUSC0560 AQP7_MOUSE Aquaporin-7 Mus musculus Details
18 MUMUSC0450 NP_031499.1 aquaporin 7 Mus musculus Details
19 NEFISC0899 EAW17077.1 MIP transporter Neosartorya fischeri Details
20 PHNODO0870 EAT87291.1 Hypothetical protein Phaeosphaeria nodorum Details

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